KUYA’s new “End the Stigma” shirts are now on our website
April 13, 2017
Great Voice / One Of The Last Singers To Work With Michael Jackson Has Confirmed She Will Be At LA Salsa Fest On May 27 At Westin Bonaventure Hotel In LA
April 15, 2017

Wow. White hipsters capitalizing on and making a mockery out of homelessness in order to fund their what??? Their TRIP??? And what would be the purpose of their trip, to see what seems cool and exotic enough for them to bring back to the U.S. to show how aware and cultured they are???
Stop using your privilege to commodify homelessness for personal interests!!! It’s evil and inconsiderate to assume that you can just decide to be homeless, use homelessness, and even beg for money to fuel your “interests” and your “travels” without even understanding the struggles and the reasons why people become homeless……

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