the whole side eye to Curious George books

One week in Burma
October 25, 2017
Accidental Experiment
October 27, 2017

Rashida Braxton Simmons
Is here making me give the whole side eye to Curious George books..
yo a borderline slave who gets caught up in the system..? smh
"The Man goes to Africa and takes George out of a tree. He puts him in a bag and takes him on to the big boat across the ocean. They get home, The Man feeds him and gives him a pipe to smoke before bed. The next day The Man has to go to work and leaves George alone. George accidentally calls the fire department so he’s arrested and put in jail. He then escapes from jail and is fleeing capture when The Man sees him and rescues him. PROBLEMATIC. AS. FUCK!!" then Olufunmike Woods adds "He kidnapped the monkey from his family in Africa. His original name was Mbuntu" I just can’t …right…my childhood..
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  1. Rashida Braxton Simmons says:

    It’s just the original book. It’s just called Curious George. The rest of them, the movies, the series on PBS Kids, all perfectly innocent displays of curiosity and exploration.

    That first book! It’s the slave trade thru the creation of the 13th amendment disguised as a happy story with a monkey.

  2. Kyaan Parrish says:

    # childhoodruined

  3. Kevin Muldrow says:

    Well deeeezaaammm

  4. Sara Bartman says:

    Yeah heard this years ago and was done! Heard that the monkey was actually a little boy . My kids love that shit tho lol smh

  5. Chin-Yer Wright says:

    I mean slaves help captors too lol..

  6. Latanya VC Hall says:

    I love the movies.. also might i add.. the guy in the yellow hat is an archeologist who looks for historical artifacts.. George be helping him too.

  7. Jermaine Jennings says:


  8. Mj Abso Lartey says:


  9. Shawna Cheatham says:

    Right whole time !!! Right in our faces !!! Subliminal ass BS !!!

  10. CynDiva Harcum says:

    I said that when I was 7. I got sent to the office.

    • Jammal Smith says:

      I can remember asking my teacher “why did he take him from his home?” I literally was curious. I didn’t think it had a deeper meaning. She told me “because he needed a new home” and I was confused.. but I never thought about again until now. I was in 1st grade. Wow!!!

    • Darlene Robertson says:

      Yo me too, I was told that I was wrong

    • Olufunmike Woods says:

      Hugs to your 7yo self

  11. Fred DjFredro Keene says:

    And didn’t they call all black pullman porters who served on train sleeping cars George?

  12. Chin-Yer Wright says:

    lol right

  13. Shelly Washington says:

    I’m blown, yo

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