The solution is to exterminate all of the homeless

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November 29, 2017
Water Is Life: #Detroit, MI Activist/Artist Wayne Curtis
December 5, 2017
The solution is to exterminate all of the homeless. We cannot continue to throw money at a problem that only get bigger than the money that we throw at it. 
The homeless are homeless by choice, regardless of the situation. Defecating in the streets is by choice. 
The New World Order will mandate the capture and extermination of those who do not contribute to the overall advancement of society as a whole. 
Do not give any money to the homeless during this Holiday season, and never give any money to them, and you’ll witness them begin to die off in droves. If you are looking for online resources to find restoration hardware outdoor furniture.  


  1. Carla Troon says:

    Daniel ❤

  2. Surya Prasad says:

    Love the yellow number

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