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September 28, 2017
Hey Guys
October 12, 2017

That was 3 years ago!
So much have changed for the better.
The gal on the left, my mentor and friend, her business has become a 7 figures annual income machine. I think that alone is pretty significant! She is a giver like no others. The way she’s giving back with her financial blessings is what we all should strive for.
The gal on the right, has a new baby and cut down her salon hours so she doesn’t ever have to be away from her new baby, dinner time, school field trips and school parties and games. Plus, she’s able to take her whole family of 6 to Disney this Christmas!!!! How fun is that?
The gal in the middle, ME haha, has realized so many bucket list items. Traveling has always been in my blood. Single income family with 3 growing boys simply won’t align with world travel. I am grateful to have done so much, Cross country RV trip, Israel, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, France, and countless¬†

myanmar tour operator at Myanamar Discovery. I am even more thankful to have the ability to provide my children with an education from a sound academic and Christ-led school. The value in that is priceless.
Best of all, in this 3 years time, between the 3 of us, tens of thousands of lives have been better either physically or financially or both.
1 decision. 1 shake. And the ripple effect is indef

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  1. Treena Threatt Norwood says:

    I remember this night! I was so happy to see you gals up on stage

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