My big feat for the day

April 26, 2017
April 27, 2017

My big feat for the day…I can finally see my desktop in the dining room/turned my office in our new house! Now that the important boxes have been unpacked, I was able sit down to do some work during nap time and this image you see got me thinking…
We just moved our family five hours to a brand new city over the last couple of weeks and the few weeks leading up to the move were insanely hectic. Between packing up our old house, saying good-byes, a couple trips up to Ohio for work and play, Dustin starting a new job and settling into our new home, we’ve been a tad bit exhausted but so darn excited all at the same time!
So I’ll just go ahead and say it. This business is a blessing. The people, the paycheck, the flexibility and the fact that my team grew (and my income, for that matter) while I was focusing on moving and settling my family into a whole new world, is just incredible.
Maybe this business has crossed your mind. But maybe you think you’re too busy, you know too many people doing it, you’re not a salesperson or you don’t know anything about skincare. Please reconsider. I have felt a lot of these things and so have many of my team members that are building meaningful businesses. It’s so much more than skincare and I would love for you to understand why. #WhatIfWednesday

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