I am young enough to be a mom

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January 8, 2018
As someone that use to own a rental car location with budget and hertz
January 19, 2018
Jan 2018 . I look at myself and think. I am young enough to be a mom. Everyone thinks Iam a youngster. I am like; I am old enough to be a grandmother. Club To me the CSUS bar. I check in every now and again. Chris the bartender who has been there forever is like your almost grown. What? huh? I am not a baby.I dont like young guys.. I like them mature.50 is hot I would take Troy Aikman over Tom Brady any day. I would even give big high kick and cheer-lead for Troy I would be Team Aikman. One woman show lol. Get the basics for less or save on all of life’s fun extras here.

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