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April 10, 2017
KUYA’s new “End the Stigma” shirts are now on our website
April 13, 2017

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Hey everyone!!! Here’s KUYA’s upcoming shirt design!!!
“End the Stigma”
RELEASE DATE: April 11-12th
Price: $17
Colors: Black, Maroon, and Sand Tan
Designed by Anusha Ramji of the KUYA Movement
This shirt was created to advocate for and raise awareness on mental health and the stigmas created around those who have mental health complications.
“The Meaning: In the middle of winter, I found in me an invincible summer.
This quote reflects on how we all have the power within us to fight any adversity that comes our way. Let adversity drive you to positivity. I believe in using creativity to channel this positivity within us and combat the coldness of winter(i.e. Struggles of any kind).
The images are based on some prints found in India. The intricacy of the prints appealed to me as they connect to the complex nature of mental health and adversity, as well as the depth of Indian Culture and tradition. In a country with such history, it is unfortunate that there is not enough awareness and they have a huge stigma against mental illness. India has one the 2nd largest population in the world and hence, the impact of stigma is huge. There are so many people struggling and my dream is to break this stigma.
– Anusha Ramji
To learn more about Anusha and her story behind her involvement in KUYA and advocacy for mental health, look out for her story our page on Facebook @KUYA Movement!
These shirts will be $16, and we accept cash, credit, and venmo! Visit our website @squareup.com/store/kuya
100% of the profits will be donated to Mental Health of America Los Angeles. WE MUST support to our mental health services in order to advocate for the rights of those in need of adequate treatment. This shirt is an opportunity for anyone to help publicize the phrase “end the stigma” and to politicize the discussion on lack of available mental health services and the harmful stigma against mental health issues, especially in marginalized communities.

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