Anyone want an official print copy of HALLOWEEN IV: The Ultimate Edition

May 18, 2017
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May 21, 2017

Anyone want an official print copy of HALLOWEEN IV: The Ultimate Edition, stuffed with extras and signed by yours truly for 20 bucks post-paid and everything? Message me, I got a few stacks of ’em, steaming hot and ready to fall into your hands courtesy of me and a pen and a great big envelope 🙂


  1. Richard McIntee says:

    Everyone needs to get one

  2. Richard McIntee says:

    I think I have every version. 🙂

  3. Lore Apted says:

    I might if you still have any on the 3rd of the month. That’s when I get my check

  4. Lore Apted says:

    I still have a book you autographed for me at a Sci-fi/Horror convention once at the Scottish Rite

  5. Melody Elliott Koontz says:

    Can I paypal???

  6. Sean Eckert says:

    Yes, yes yes please.

  7. Rick Dallison says:

    Yes, l’m in.

  8. Bradley E. Grant says:

    Now, brother…. I have both versions and u ain’t saving me this one?! LOL. I can PayPal through my fiance…. how we doing this?! 🙂

  9. Sean Eckert says:

    Thank you so very much. This is going into my collection my friend.

  10. Bradley E. Grant says:

    There you go.

  11. Nicholas Grabowsky says:

    Mailing orders off today! Thanks everyone for purchasing my Ultimate Edition of Halloween IV. Post photos when you guys get ’em!

  12. Becky Krueger-Branson says:

    I would love one unfortunately I’m not sure when I Will have the money. Time to register my van would you please hold one for me

  13. Becky Krueger-Branson says:


  14. Mark Lee says:


  15. Mark Coombs says:

    How much to mail to Canada Nicholas?

  16. Mark Lee says:

    Done and paid for! And is there any way that you can hold 2 more copies until Thursday when I get paid? If not I understand.

  17. Aaron McCants says:

    I will!!!!!!!

  18. Mark Coombs says:

    Perfect. I’ll use the PayPal address you left in the comments. Thanks Nicholas Grabowsky!

  19. Kelly J Koch says:

    Me,me, me!

  20. Nicholas Grabowsky says:

    Thanks Kelly!!

  21. Sara Lee says:

    Proud to own all versions (except the orange hard cover)

  22. Mark Lee says:

    Do you still have 2 copies left?

  23. Becky Krueger-Branson says:

    Hi Nick just wondering if you sent the book still haven’t gotten it. Maybe it will come today

  24. Nicholas Grabowsky says:

    I checked the receipt from the PO, sent it Sat

  25. Mark Lee says:

    Sweet! I just sent $40 for 2 more autographed books.

  26. Becky Krueger-Branson says:

    Received today thank you so much

  27. Nicholas Grabowsky says:


  28. Kenneth Wooleyhan says:

    DUDE!!!! I definitely want one!!!!

  29. Nicholas Grabowsky says:

    Shoot me $20 to Paypal address: and how to sign it/where to send it and I’ll send one straight out 🙂

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